Stealth-2208/LL — 108-day (northern)/106-day (central) RM (LL)

  • High yielding, widely adaptable, proven hybrid with drought, disease protection
  • High ear flex capability
  • Deep kernels, high test weight qualities
  • Leads industry for yield

Stealth-9410 — 110-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Superb roots, stalks, staygreen
  • Very strong under drought, disease pressures
  • Delivers excellent test weight
  • Shorter-statured hybrid

Stealth-9009 — 111-day (northern)/109-day (central) RM (YGVT3)

  • Aggressive, vigorous genetics with high yield potential
  • Wide soil adaptability provides added flexibility
  • Greatest yield potential when planted at high populations
  • Foliar fungicide application recommended