6069G3VT3 — 110-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Dominant hybrid in maturity
  • Excellent emergence, root strength; very good stalks
  • Use on any soil and for no-till
  • Keep east of I-35 (central Iowa)

6272G3VT3 — 112-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Wide area of adaptation — almost any soil profile, crop rotation
  • Best with high management at higher populations
  • Very good standability, plant intactness

5506G3VT3 — 105-day RM (YGVT3)

  • Very good yield for maturity, especially under stressful conditions
  • Use in narrow rows, corn-corn, no-till
  • Excellent standability, grain quality, test weight with quick drydown
  • Very good tolerance to gray leaf spot