N68B-CB/LL/RW — 110-day RM (CB/LL/RW)

  • Top-end yield punch for grain, silage
  • Good drought tolerance, ear flex support high yields
  • Excellent roots, very good stalks for strong standability
  • Characterized for high extractable starch

N53W-3000GT — 105-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Harvest big yields
  • Good GLS, NCLB protection; strong agronomics
  • Good choice for early plant, no-till
  • Characterized for dry grind, high extractable starch

N72Q-CB/LL/RW — 112-day RM (CB/LL/RW)

  • Powerful disease protection for top yields
  • Superior plant health with excellent GLS, SCLB resistance
  • Corn-corn choice with good emergence, seedling growth
  • Characterized for dry-grind ethanol, high extractable starch