6725VT3 — 113-day RM (VT3)

  • New high-yield female combined with northern/western male in 6125, 6425, 6525
  • Medium-tall plant with medium-low ear placement; excellent top-end yield potential combined with wide adaptability east to west
  • Disease package with very good tolerance to GLS, NCLB, SCLB; average tolerance to common rust
  • Latest and healthiest version with most southerly adaptability

6986VT3 — 113-day RM (VT3)

  • Combines new version of female in 6818, 7505 with male of 6886
  • Shorter plant compared to 6886; improved stalks, roots; consistent girthy ears
  • Very good on Fusarium for western irrigated areas
  • With the short plant type, use caution on nonirrigated sandy soils

7131VT3 — 115-day RM (VT3)

  • Combines high-yielding male of 751, 851 with new high-yield/late-health female
  • Excellent roots, health, top-end yield potential
  • Same, slightly better disease tolerance than 751
  • Ear-size, nitrogen driven; avoid poorly drained clay soils