80204VT3 — 114-day RM (YGVT3/RR2)

  • Z genetics with high yield potential
  • Widely adapted to central, eastern Corn Belt
  • Outstanding staygreen, fall appearance
  • Consistent performance across all soil types, yield levels

82228VT3 — 115-day RM (YGVT3/RR2)

  • Best combination of yield potential, standability
  • Fixed ear requires high plant density for best results
  • Excellent gray leaf spot scores
  • Best performance in, south of zone

85655VT3 — 116-day RM (YGVT3/RR2)

  • Excellent choice for western irrigated environment
  • Taller plant with good canopy cover
  • Good test weight
  • Not a good choice for western dryland