N73V-3000GT — 113-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Excellent top-end yield potential
  • Solid agronomics package with very good stalks, roots, drought tolerance, fast drydown
  • Resistance to GLS, NCLB
  • Characterized for dry-grind ethanol

N74C-3000GT — 113-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Top-end yield, grain quality
  • Good staygreen, test weight
  • Steady agronomics with dual-purpose potential
  • Tall, eastern adapted hybrid

N77P-3000GT — 113-day RM (GT/CB/LL/RW)

  • Superior stress tolerance for consistent top-end yields
  • Strong drought tolerance, ear flex enhance adaptability
  • Tall, eastern adapted hybrid with very good seedling growth, stalk strength
  • Characterized for dry-grind ethanol, high extractable starch