The recent recall of nearly 600 million eggs originating from a north-Iowa producer caused consumers to question the integrity and honor of our farm families and the continued reliability of safe food.

I understand because I share these heartfelt concerns. Iowans do not tolerate incompetence and those who habitually violate the law, consumer trust and proper food production procedures. Those who do discredit the integrity of Iowa’s 98,000 farm families and tarnish our state’s brand as a respected leader in food and fiber production. Those responsible should be held accountable.  

The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) and many other agriculture groups in Iowa resisted rushing to judgment when news about the egg recall and salmonella illnesses was reported in August. Federal and state food safety inspectors implemented an investigation of the Galt-area egg farms owned by Wright County Egg, part of the DeCoster family’s agribusiness operations. It was important that these audits be conducted absent of social and political grandstanding. Consumers expect and deserve the truth, not contrived indignation and wild speculation.