Crop Income

The 11% increase in crop value will push it to an all time high. The national value of corn is projected at $81.7 billion. That is based on a 2-billion-bushel increase in inventory that will carry an increased value of $13.2 billion. ERS also says high values for stored hay and soybeans will also push down NCI, “Increases in value of production are also expected for the other major feed crops, especially hay. The value of U.S. soybean production is expected to increase in 2013, but quantity sold during the year is expected to decline, with more production expected to go into 2013 end-of-year inventories. Given a large expected decline in the annual average price of soybeans, and an increase in inventories, cash receipts for 2013 are expected to decline just over 10%.”

Livestock Income

When livestock values are taken into account, NCI for 2013 gets both pushed and pulled. ERS says livestock production is expected to increase by 3.5%, with nearly all species seeing higher average prices. However, there will be declines in inventory for cattle and hogs that will push cash receipts to be slightly higher than their value of production. ERS says beef sales will be down, but higher cattle prices will show an increase in NCI from 2012. Hog prices will be up in 2013 with increased value of production.



After adjusting for inflation, 2013’s net farm income – forecast at $128.2 billion – is expected to be the highest since 1973. A return to trend yields would lead to record crop production levels and result in substantial year-end crop inventories. This would lead to higher net farm income since this measure goes beyond cash income to include the value of inventory change and other noncash items. Net cash income – which measures the difference between cash expenses and the combination of commodities sold during the calendar year plus other sources of farm income – is forecast at $123.5 billion, down almost 9% from 2012. Even so, 2013’s forecast would be the fourth time net cash income, after adjusting for inflation, has exceeded $100 billion since 1973. The projected $19.2 billion increase in total expenses in 2013 continues a string of large year-to-year movements since 2002, and expenses are forecast to establish a record high. Rent, labor and feed are the expense items expected to increase the most in 2013.


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