"We listened to growers’ questions and built an online service that can give them more information about what’s going on in their fields and provide them with data that they can use to improve their planning and decision-making," Hamlin says.

New for 2013, http://climate.com provides yield forecasts, weather forecasts, historical weather data back to 1980, and more for each of the fields they farm, he says. "During the growing season they’ll be able to see the current status of what is happening in each of their fields, updated daily. Each field will show a yield projection updated daily based on the most recent weather in the field along with crop and soil type. And growers will be able to get an up-to-date weather data including yesterday’s rainfall total, hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours for spraying or a seven-day forecast for the field," Hamlin says.

Since the 2012 test paid off, Keyser has signed up to insure corn for 2013.

Diessner plans to insure his corn and soybeans. "I was really impressed. If it would have rained, there would have been no insurance payment and we would have had a better crop. But we had 100-degree weather for 10 days or longer with no rain. So we got paid."