Unless a 65% or 70% buy up option has been selected at crop insurance signup, prevented planting payments equal 60% of the springtime guarantee. As an example, take an RP policy with an 80% coverage level having a 180-bu./acre guarantee yield. The 2013 projected price $5.65. This policy has a guarantee of $814/acre (80% coverage level x 180-bu. guarantee yield x $5.65 projected price). In this case, the prevented planting payment is $488/acre ($814 x 0.60). The 65% and 70% buy up options would replace the 60% factor in the payment calculation with 65% and 70%, respectively, resulting in higher payments.

Even though RP's guarantee equals the higher of the projected or harvest price, the prevented planting payment is based only on the projected price.

If a prevented planting payment is taken, a farmer cannot plant another crop during the late planting period consisting of 25 following the final planting date. Planting another crop during this 25 day period will eliminate the prevented planting payment.

After 25 days, another crop can be planted, usually resulting in a reduction in prevented plating payments to 35% of the original amount. In double-crop situations, obtaining the entire prevented planting payments while planting soybeans may be possible.