The FamilyFarms Group offers operators a formal training class on Landowner Relations; a structured 17-point program to help ensure acres are retained as part of being a FamilyFarms Group member. Among those points:

  • Collect important information: This helps ensure smooth communications.  Include: name, phone numbers, agronomic information, personal information, emergency contact information, rent due dates, etc.
  • Know landowners’ priorities: Each landowner has different needs and wants to be communicated with differently. Tailor your communications.
  • Pay on time: Obvious!
  • Send newsletters: A periodic newsletter can help you communicate general information to all your landowners more efficiently. Viability of this option depends on the number of landowners you have.
  • Create an annual report: Summarizing farm activities after harvest reminds the landlord of the value you bring to the relationship.
  • Conduct a landowner satisfaction survey: You won’t know what landowners think unless you ask. Formally survey landowner-clients to learn whether they feel you provide good service, read your newsletter or visit the website, if they want information you’re not communicating, etc.
  • Host field visits: Not all landowners want to ride the tractor, but some will welcome the opportunity to see equipment on their land. This is also a good time to educate the landowner in farming practices, changes in technology and improvements you’ve made to the land.