As a no-till operation, we’ve always struggled growing corn-on-corn, and we evolved into strip tillage. We started working with Ag Leader auto steer technology about three years ago.

With auto steer, we lay out our fields with the corn planter the first year. We can set a contour line that’s repeatable from year to year, then move that line 15 inches to plant between the rows from the previous year.  

It makes it about 100 times easier to be accurate.

The expense [of auto steer] depends on the equipment you have. If you’re already using GPS and your tractor is auto steer-ready, the move up to RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GPS isn’t a huge jump.

And RTK improves the quality of the GPS signal and makes it repeatable from year to year.

Being precise saves us a lot of money with our inputs. Our equipment cuts down on overlap by shutting off at the end row to avoid overplanting or overspraying.