While well-established in the U.S. market, GMOs in agriculture remain controversial in many parts of the world and have not had anywhere near the rates of option outside the U.S. Polled on the factors that would most encourage increased global uptake of GMO technology in agriculture over the next decade, 56% of respondents cited sustained high commodity prices. Others said that greater consumer acceptance (34%) will be key to higher adoption, but 7% said they believe GMO uptake will slow. Three percent said that improved intellectual property rights in developing markets will be the solution to make GMOs more acceptable among consumers and the food industry.


About the Rabobank Annual Markets Forum

The Rabobank Markets Forum is an annual event hosted by Rabobank International in North America that brings together hundreds of executives and senior managers from the bank’s clients – the leading companies in the North American food, beverage and agribusiness industry – as well as Rabobank analysts and bankers, and financial market opinion leaders for an interactive discussion about strategic issues shaping the global and domestic business environments. A key element of every Rabobank Markets Forum is audience polling to gauge the opinions of food and agribusiness industry leaders on a variety of topics relating to financial, economic, agricultural, and commercial markets.

This year’s speakers included Luke Chandler, Global Head of Agri Commodity Markets Research for Rabobank; Jan Lambregts, Global Head of Financial Markets Research for Rabobank; and Dr. Nouriel Roubini, Chairman of Roubini Global Economics, as keynote speaker.