Over the past four years, Argentina’s corn sector – the world’s second-largest exporter – has experienced difficult times: government intervention since 2006 and a severe drought in 2009-2010. Argentina only planted 5 million acres last year, the lowest in 20 years.

Nevertheless, last year saw a bumper harvest, thanks to plentiful spring rainfall. With the new corn-planting season already started, things are looking up for Argentina’s corn growers.

Since the 1970s, Argentina revolutionized its corn production. In 1970-1971, 12 million acres of corn were planted. By 2006 corn acreage had fallen to just 7 million acres, but production increased by a whopping 170%.

The massive productivity increase has resulted from technology developments – such as transgenic seeds, fertilizer – direct sowingand better management practices.

 “Argentina’s corn sector uses the latest technology and its approval system for new varieties is world class,” says David Hughes, a grain producer and CEO of TraulenCo, a farm-management and consulting business.