What should be done to deal with gun issues?

After recent (and not-so-recent) school shootings, the public seems to be in an uproar over gun control. Both sides make valid points, but we want to know where you stand on the issue. Should the government ban weapons and guns and require mandatory background checks for ALL gun purchases? Or, does the issue lie in the realm of mental health and the lack of care available? Or, should the government stay out of it and just maintain the second amendment? Let us know where you stand on the issue of gun control (or lack thereof). 

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on Jan 26, 2013

Very valid point. Although, while we are not in the political business, the effects of political decisions as well as the events that rock our citizens (whether political or otherwise) affect farmers and all others who may have children, who own guns.

The majority of information we offer is absolutely ag-based, and will continue to be. However, we believe it's important to be aware of issues outside of agriculture as well. Thanks for your readership, and we appreciate your input and opinions.

on Jan 26, 2013

less emphasis on guns. More emphasis on our young children.

on Jan 26, 2013

WE don't need as much gun control as we need to start at a young age and teach our young children right from wrong. Assult rifles wi th large clips are not necessary. Those weapons should only be used in times of war.

on Jan 27, 2013

The constitution does not require that anyone has to demonstrate a need to assert any of their rights. What defines a large clip? Now 10 rounds is the talk, except in NY, where 7 is the magic number, police included. The Mayor of NY City just said that only 2 is required to hunt deer, can we see where this is going?

on Jan 26, 2013

Please educate yourself, Americans are not allowed to have assault rifles without special permits, and the rifles I'm guessing you are talking about are magazine fed not clip fed, and are semi automatic not fully automatic.

on Jan 26, 2013

I live near Chicago. With the strictist handgun laws in the world. Privately the most consistant complaint among Chicago Policemen is the fact that most of the kids, and adults that are caught with illegal, stolen or non permitted guns, never spend a day in jail. They can complain about crime, they can catch people comitting crimes, but they wont put the criminals in jail. More laws wont help

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