What are you predicting for corn yields this fall (leave an estimated number in the comments)?

After the July 11 WASDE report said estimated corn yields were reduced by 20 bu. from the June report, we want to know, what are you predicting for corn yields, as a percentage of what's normal or average on your farm. We'd love to know numbers, too, so leave a comment with a bushel-per-acre estimate, as well as your county/state.

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on Jul 14, 2012

Corn irrigated 175 going around th 11th time at 75hundreths a circle dry land maybe 25bushel if it rains soon otherwise a goose egg beans who knows but it will be less than normal Cedar county Neb

on Jul 14, 2012

I have been walking fields most of the week. I am seeing from 0-130 bpa
Normal yields are 130-250
We do not have soybeans but the beans in our area are suffering as well. They are flowering and have no moisture with high heat.

on Jul 14, 2012

In 1988 I got 140 bpa where it rained once that summer. Where it didn't rain at all I got zero on hill tops and 115 in the bottoms on good clay ground.

on Jul 14, 2012

TRY Dodge andColumbia county in Wi ,no rain sinceMay 12

on Jul 12, 2012

Le sueur county. 180 corn soybeans 40

on Jul 13, 2012

I've seen the corn in your area! It's been looking great so far!

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