The University of Kentucky Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering collected data from three self-propelled sprayers, each with different boom-control systems during the 2008-2009 growing seasons. Data spanned a wide variety of field shapes and sizes for all three systems. 

The first sprayer (Apache AS710) used manual boom control with up to five sections and an auto-steer system (SmarTrax, Raven Industries) during 2008. The second sprayer (Apache AS710) used automatic boom control (Envisio Pro, Raven Industries) with seven sections and the SmarTrax system in 2009. The third sprayer (RoGator 1074) used automatic boom control (Zynx X20, Topcon Inc.) with 30 sections and auto-steer (Zynx X20) in 2009.

All three systems were calibrated to deliver an application rate of 10 gal./acre, and the sprayers with manual and 7-section automatic control utilized boom-section valves, whereas the sprayer with 30-section automatic control required individual nozzle valves for boom-section actuation.


January 2011