University of Minnesota – MN2001SP (early) provides:

Large-seeded food type with yellow hilum.

Seed size of about 21-22 grams/100 seed or 2,050-2,150 seeds/lb.

Very good standability.

Rps1 gene for resistance to PRR.

Competitive yield (20% higher than Vinton 81).

Protein, 38.3%; oil, 16.3%.

Ohio State University – Ohio FG3, (mid- to late) offers:

Food-grade variety with yellow (clear) hilum.

Very good resistance to PRR (Rps1k and Rps3 genes).

Partial resistance to Sclerotinia root rot.

Large seed (2,090 seeds/lb).

Acceptable soymilk yield and solids content in tofu production.

Protein, 38%; oil, 17%.