Farmers around the U.S. made big progress this past week, planting another 10% of the corn crop. The overall crop is now 17% planted, 12 percentage points ahead of the five-year average of 5%.

Tennessee has the most corn in the ground with 80% of its crop planted, making huge strides over last week's 46%. Illinois jumped from 17% last week to 41% of its corn crop in the field this week. Indiana made good progress, too, and now has nearly a quarter of the state's crop planted, compared to 6% a week ago.

Farmers in Wisconsin and North Dakota were finally able to get in the field over the past week, and have planted 2% and 3% of their crops, respectively. Those are still ahead of a five-year average of nothing in the ground at this date. In fact, planting progress for all corn-producing states is ahead of the five-year average, whether by a couple of percentage points, or, in the case of Tennessee, 55 percentage points.

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