Iroquois County, IL

We started harvesting corn on Oct. 7. Rain early on Oct. 13 brought a halt to field activities. We received 0.3-0.4 in. rain on our farms. Most harvest activity over the past week has been in soybean fields; 80% or more of the soybeans in the area have been harvested.

Corn harvest is at 10-15% in my area. Our corn harvest progress falls into that range, as well. The moisture on corn we have harvested has ranged from 17.9% to 22.3%. The moisture in corn dropped 2-3% over the past week.

Some tillage has been done in some fields as the combine waited for the crops to dry down.

The local closing bids for Oct. 13 were $6.28 for nearby corn, $5.52 for fall 2012 corn, $12.27 for nearby soybeans and $11.93 for fall 2012 soybeans.