Iroquois County, IL

The light rain we have received Sept. 8 and 9 amounted to 0.25-0.5 in. The last rain was on Aug. 23. For the month of August, our farms received a range of 1.6-3.0 in. of rain. Most of the variation was due to the rain on Aug. 8.

Local corn development is anywhere from just entering R5, or dent stage, up to beginning harvest. From what I have heard, moisture has ranged from 19% to 24% on the little bit of corn that has been harvested.

Most soybean fields range from R6, or full seed growth, up to R7, or beginning maturity growth. There are a few fields at R8 or full maturity.

The local closing bids for Sept. 8 were $7.21 for nearby corn, $7.17 for new-crop corn, $6.14 for fall 2012 corn, $13.91 for nearby soybeans, $13.86 for new-crop soybeans and $13.37 for fall 2012 soybeans.