Nearly three-quarters of the overall corn crop has started silking, and 8% of the overall crop has reached dough stage. The overall crop isn't too far behind the five-year silking average of 75%, but is 9 points behind the average for dough stage.

The majority of corn-producing states are seeing corn at dough stage. Those states where it's still just silking include: Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

The corn condition stayed the same over the past week, with 63% of the overall crop in good/excellent condition. Eleven percent of the overall crop is in very poor/poor condition. The best-rated corn is in Kentucky, where 89% of the corn crop is in good/excellent condition. Corn in the poorest condition is in Kansas where 28% of the corn crop is in very poor/poor condition.

Over half of the overall soybean crop is blooming, at 65%, 9 points behind the five-year average. Twenty percent of the overall crop is setting pods. The five-year average is 34%. Pods have set on 78% of the soybeans in Louisiana, while only 5% of the Missouri soybean crop is setting pods.

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The overall soybean crop is in 63% good/excellent condition, 1 point less than last week. Just for reference, only 29% of the overall soybean crop was in good/excellent condition at this time last year, while nearly half of the overall crop was in very poor/poor condition. This week, Kentucky has the best beans with 89% of its crop in good/excellent condition. Kansas has the most soybeans in poor condition, with 28% of its crop in very poor/poor condition.

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