Corn has started silking and soybeans have started flowering across the U.S. As of June 24, 10% of the corn crop has started silking and 12% of the soybeans are blooming. Crop conditions for both crops have declined, in corn more than beans.

All but three states are seeing some corn silks this week. Michigan, South Dakota and Wisconsin are still waiting for silks to appear. In the last week, farmers in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Pennsylvania have seen silks appear. Seventy percent of the Tennessee corn crop is silking, followed by 63% of the Texas crop and 59% of the North Carolina crop.

The corn condition declined in the last week, dropping from 63% good/excellent last week to 56% good excellent this week. The very poor/poor condition went up from 9% last week to 14% this week. Indiana's corn crop is taking a huge hit, with 36% of the crop in very poor/poor condition, versus 27% of the crop in good/excellent condition. The North Dakota corn crop, on the other hand, is thriving at 91% good/excellent and 0% very poor/poor. Minnesota corn is faring quite well, too, with 83% of the crop in good/excellent condition and only 2% of the crop in poor condition (0% very poor).

Soybeans are blooming at some rate in every state but Michigan and Wisconsin. Mississippi beans are 66% bloomed, 46% of the soybeans have bloomed in Louisiana and 44% of the crop has bloomed in Arkansas. The overall crop is blooming well ahead of the 4% average.

The soybean crop condition declined just three points in the good/excellent category overall in the last week going from 56% last week to 53% this week. As with corn, Indiana's soybeans are in tough shape with 36% of the crop in very poor/poor condition. Only 24% of the Indiana soybean crop is in good/excellent condition. Over 1/3 of Missouri's soybeans are also in very poor/poor condition. And again, North Dakota and Minnesota beans are doing well with 88% and 74% of the crops in good/excellent condition, respectively.