A fair amount of the overall corn crop was planted in the last week, going from 19% planted to 29% planted overall. The soybean crop didn’t make a lot of progress in the last seven days, topping off at a mere 5% planted overall, only 2 points ahead of last week’s pace.

Farmers made some headway planting corn last week. The overall crop is now 29% planted, but still well behind the five-year average of 42%. North Dakota has yet to plant any corn, and Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are all less than 10% planted.

Corn is slowly emerging. The overall emergence pace is up 4 points from last week to 7%, but still behind the five-year average of 13%. States seeing corn pop up this week that hadn’t yet so far this season include: Colorado, Indiana, Iowa and South Dakota.

Soybean planting is slowly moving forward, and the crop is just 2 points ahead of last week’s pace at 5% overall planted. This is 6 points behind the five-year average of 11%. States with soybeans in the ground in the last week are Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina and South Dakota. Farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin have yet to plant any soybeans.

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