Asking someone to pay attention to safety during busy spring fieldwork usually falls on deaf ears. Hardly anyone listens. So rather than try to warn you of the dangers of being around farm equipment this spring when you’re in a hurry and dead tired, I’m going to let a row-crop farmer from Baldwin Country, AL, tell his story.

Dear Mr. Lamp:

My name is Eric Streetand I readmost every issue of Corn & Soybean Digest.My reason for e-mailing you is abouta farm accident thatI was involved with in 1998.

In short, my friend Gee and I were greenchopping grass for my dairy cowsinto a self-feeding wagon. When I finished filling the wagon we had to unhook it and transport it a couple of miles back to the main farm. In the processof unhooking the wagon and pulling the greenchopping tractor out of the way, I ran over my friend with the wagon and crushed him to death.

I did not e-mail you to bring you or anybody who may read this down. My reason for contacting you is because of whatwe are facing as farmers in this upcoming growing season.

With the commodity markets the way they are, we farmers will be more anxious than ever to get ourwork done in a timely manner. Obviously, when there’s haste there sometimes comes accidents, andI would not wish the guilt or hardship I’ve gone through on anyone.

I’m not sure my story will help anybody or prevent any accidents, but it might make someonemore aware ofhowquickly life can be lost orharmed in agriculture.

I share my storywith you in hopes that you will share it with yourCorn & Soybean Digest readers.My intentions are pure, but I want everyone to know life is veryprecious and we need to preserveit the best way we can.

Whenmy accident happenedI didn’t thinkwe were being careless. My friend was alive and talking in thetractor with me one minute – the next he was dead.

If I can be of any help to you or your readers, please feel free to contact me at 251-610-8645 or e-mail

How could anyone say it any better? Be careful out there this spring so you don’t have to tell a story like Eric Street’s.