With seed selection just around the corner, growers must consider the value of obtaining early seed treatment protection.

In seasons past, growers may have experienced the positive aspects of a fungicide seed treatment, such as protection against fungi that can cause early season diseases like seed rot. Early-planted, high-moisture fields are the ideal set up for early disease, says X.B. Yang, plant pathologist at Purdue University.

To safeguard crops against early-season insects and diseases for the 2009 growing season, growers can choose protection from a single seed treatment system offered by Bayer CropScience: Trilex® 6000 Soybean System.

Trilex 6000 Soybean System combines the technologies of Trilex, Yield Shield™ and Allegiance® seed-applied fungicides; Celgard; Gaucho® seed-applied insecticide; and Pro-Ized Red Colorant in one seed treatment. Together, these products protect against detrimental insects and fungi, including overwintering bean leaf beetle, soybean aphids, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium and early-season Phytophthora.

“The Trilex 6000 Soybean System helps simplify growers’ soybean input decisions by providing custom matched solutions in a single system,” says Louis Holloway, Bayer CropScience product development manager. “It’s a single item that helps reduce an already lengthy list of inputs growers must research before making their yearly planting decisions.”

For more information on Trilex 6000 Soybean System, click here: http://bayercropscienceus.com/products_and_seeds/seed_treatments/trilex.html.