Bestway's Field-Pro II 500 sprayer offers a mid-size unit with many of the features of larger Field-Pro III models. Suited for reduced-till situations, the 500-gal. sprayer offers a hydraulic, 60-ft. X-Fold boom, a foam marker with a 19-gal. nonpressurized tank and a hitch that can be configured as a double clevis or single hitch. An optional chemical inductor system will load both liquid and dry materials through the pressure side of the pump and directly back into the main tank.

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Trailer sprayers from Hiniker's Century Products hold 1,000- to 1,300-gal. of liquid and come with mid-mounted rear-fold booms. The units feature over-the-top “gooseneck” style hitches that allow entire booms to be mid-mounted.

Available boom sizes are 80 or 90 ft. with full hydraulic fold.

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John Deere's newest finger pick-up meter assembly design for planters improves singulation and population control. It handles a wide variety of seed sizes and shapes accurately and improves accuracy and efficiency of seed placement.

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