The University of Minnesota’s soybean Web site offers valuable variety and pest management information, says Seth Naeve, soybean agronomist with the U of M Extension Service. The site, , focuses on production information for farmers. It"s currently highlighting variety performance evaluations from the 2001 season.

Producers and ag professionals can check results of the U of M Soybean Variety Trials as well as results from county strip trials. Producers without Internet access can get copies of the trial results at county extension offices.

The Web site is also a resource for timely crop production concerns. "There is a wealth of information on our new pest, the soybean aphid," says Naeve. "As research results from the 2001 season are analyzed, entomologists are providing new knowledge to the site. As we learn more, we can make better recommendations for battling this pest in 2002. Be sure to monitor the website to keep up to date on local outbreaks and management alerts as the season unfolds."