A6192 – 95-day RM
•    Exceptional early season vigor
•    Excellent grain quality with high test weight
•    Outstanding yield potential on productive soils

A6276 – 101-day RM
•    Excellent yield-to-moisture ratio with very good drydown
•    Very good stalk, root strength
•    Consistent performance in all cropping systems and environments

A6323 – 103-day RM
•    Exceptional yield for maturity with fast dry down
•    Excellent ear flex allows for high yield levels at varying plant populations
•    Versatile hybrid with excellent adaptation for all production systems

4613A3 – 103-day RM (3KGT/LL)
•    Fast Emergence
•    Excellent late-season plant health
•    Good under irrigation

4613A4 – 102-day RM (Vip/LL)
•    Controls western bean cutworm, corn earworm
•    Strong emergence
•    Handles muck soils

4817HXR – 104-day RM (HXX/LL/RR2)
•    Handles most soil types
•    Excellent stalk, root strength
•    Good staygreen

194-27VT2P – 94-day RM (VT2P/RR2)
•    Excellent yield potential with good test-weight grain
•    Adapted from Michigan to Dakotas; best performance potential in 95-RM areas
•    Adapted to most soil types, tillage systems
•    If moving south, harvest early to maximize yields

184-38VT2P Brand – 84-day RM (VT2P/RR2)
•    Good grain and silage yield potential for the northern Corn Belt
•    Adapted to the 80 and 85 RM areas of the Dakotas
•    Good choice for early planting, works well across most soil types and crop rotations
•    Sensitive to growth regulator herbicides

201-16VT3 Brand – 101-day RM (PRO/RR2)
•    Early riser in cooler soils makes it excellent choice for reduced tillage
•    Well adapted in the 100-105-RM areas from northeast through eastern South Dakota
•    Keep populations to high side
•    Timely harvest needed in disease areas

3390SS – 93-day RM (SS)
•    New high-yielding female combined with a new Northern/eastern male
•    Early flowering for maturity with very fast drydown
•    Excellent top-end yield potential with excellent stalks, roots
•    Excellent choice for early planting, reduced-tillage systems

3632AS3000GT – 96-day RM (3KGT)
•    Consistent, semi-flex, girthy ears with good test weight; flared husk for fast drydown
•    Best adapted north used as full-season hybrid (Dakotas, MN, WI, MI, NY)
•    Female does not have good heat, drought tolerance
•    Performs best on sandy loam to heavy clay soils at medium to high populations

4022RR – 100-day RM (RR)
•    Flowers 3-4 days earlier than 421 for better northward movement
•    1 lb. heavier test weight than 421
•    Excellent top-yield potential; very good stalks; average roots; better east
•    Very good greensnap tolerance in West, but poor Goss’ wilt tolerance

Stealth-6382 – 82-day RM (RR2)
•    Dent x dent that allows for top-end yields
•    Early flowering with fast drydown
•    Can move south and maintain plant integrity
•    Good choice planted late after alfalfa or in emergency planting scenarios

Stealth-9992 – 92-day RM (VT3)
•    Attractive medium-tall plant; quick out of ground
•    Handles drought very well
•    Strong yields, agronomics with fast drydown
•    Very good independent yield trial, strip plot results last two years

Stealth-9303SSX – 103-day N/101-day C (SS)
•    High-yielding genetics that deliver versatility, consistency
•    Regularly at top of trials last two years
•    Medium plant stature with consistent ears down row
•    Excellent choice for corn-corn, no-till

DKC48-12 – 98-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent early vigor, seedling growth
•    Early flowering, excellent drydown
•    Excellent intactness, harvest appearance
•    Strong roots, stalks

DKC51-85 – (GENSS) 101-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent emergence, seedling vigor
•    Strong roots, stalks
•    Impressive top-end yield potential

DKC39-07 – 89-day RM (VT2P)
•    Consistent yield performance over wide range of environments
•    Very good emergence, seedling vigor
•    Excellent roots, standability

FS 54SX1 – 104-day RM (SS)
•    Outstanding yield potential, consistency for maturity
•    Adapts to wide variety of soil types
•    Solid late-season agronomic package, intact at harvest
•    5% Refuge requirement

FS 49SX1 – 99- day RM (SS)
•    Exceptional yield performance in both low, high yield environments
•    Adapts well to most soil types
•    Very good stalks, roots; above-average test weight
•    5% Refuge requirement

FS 52SV3 – 102-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Excellent potential over wide range of environments
•    Adapts well to most soil types
•    Impressive late-season agronomic package, intact at harvest
•    Ability to move south

89T43-3000GT – 92-day RM
•    Superior grain yields across changing soil types
•    Strong stalks for good harvestability
•    Good ear flex, kernel depth

88E24-3111 – 96-day RM
•    Superior emergence, seedling growth
•    Strong late-season plant health allows for harvest flexibility
•    Great choice for reduced tillage acres

89J14-3000GT – 86-day RM
•    Excellent late-season plant health, intactness
•    Good test weight, grain quality
•    Broadly adapted across changing soil types

H-6816 3000GT – 94-day RM
•    Strong emergence, early vigor allow for early planting
•    Excellent test weight, grain quality
•    Best performance on moderate to highly productive acres

H-7647 3000GT – 101-day RM
•    Strong emergence, early vigor
•    Good ear flex
•    Best performance when used as early to mid-season hybrid

H-7818 3000GT – 102-day RM
•    Semi-flex ear allows for average populations
•    Very good grain quality, test weight
•    Best performance on productive soils

3409 – 84-day RM (VT2P)
•    Flowers early with rapid drydown
•    Good stress, drought tolerance
•    Very good corn-corn
•    Very good test weight, grain quality

5245 – 102-day RM (VT3/RR)
•    Excellent standability
•    Very good stress tolerance
•    Very good plant health, fall intactness
•    Consistent, determinate ears with very deep kernels

5339 – 103-day RM (3KGT/GT)
•    Very good emergence, seedling vigor
•    Very good plant health and stay green
•    Very good ear flex
•    Very good dual-purpose hybrid

K4-9599 – 99-day RM (SS)
•    Very good test weight and grain quality
•    Excellent stalks and roots
•    Stable performance potential
•    Used as very early product corn-corn may be responsive to fungicide application

K4-9302 – 102-day RM (SS)
•    Solid yield potential across environments
•    Excellent health package with good emergence
•    Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
•    Moves south very well as early product, especially corn-corn

K-7495 – 95-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Excellent standability
•    Very good drought tolerance
•    Consistent performance across most soil types and cropping sequences
•    Push population for max performance where soils, fertility, moisture allow

2J339 – 92-day RM (SS)
•    Competitive performer in wide variety of environments, production systems
•    Excellent fall health, late-season plant integrity
•    Very good stress tolerance for lighter soils
•    Fast finish; very good grain drydown

2P497 – 100-day RM (SS)
•    Strong early season characteristics; good choice for reduced tillage
•    Good late-season health, intactness
•    Good ear flex allows adaptation to variable plant densities
•    Very good Goss' wilt tolerance

2H566 – 104-day RM (SS)
•    High-yielding hybrid
•    Good performance east to west
•    Good late-season intactness
•    Timely harvest recommended

N49J-3000GT – 103-day RM
•    Strong yield performance across soil types
•    Good drought tolerance
•    Tall, robust plant type with good late-season plant health

N39M-3111 – 98-day RM
•    Outstanding emergence, seedling vigor
•    Early flowering combined with solid drought tolerance
•    Strong roots and stalks for dependable standability

N27B-3111 – 90-day RM
•    Excellent emergence, seedling growth allows for early planting
•    Produces high-quality silage
•    Best adapted to highly productive acres

P9910AM – 99-day RM (AM1/LL/RR2)
•    Stalk, root strength
•    Drought tolerance
•    Staygreen.

36V53 – 102-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Broadly adapted platform
•    Exceptional yield potential, drought tolerance
•    Good standability

35F48AM1 – 105-day RM (AM1/LL/RR2)
•    Proven performance across all yield levels
•    Performance advantage in drought-prone environments

W 8085VT2PRO – 84-day RM (VT2P)
•    Excellent drydown
•    Position as full-season hybrid in adapted maturity zone
•    Great root strength, standability
•    Average fall appearance

W 8107VT2PRO – 90-day RM (VT2P)
•    Consistent, dominating performance
•    Broad adaptability on many acres
•    Easy combining hybrid
•    Very wide harvest window due to superior fall intactness

W 8272STX – 98-day RM (SS)
•    Excels on tough ground, corn-corn environments
•    Solid emergence, early growth, disease package
•    Consistent performance across many soil types
•    Position in southern Minnesota, west across South Dakota

W2757 – 102-day RM (PRO)
•    Top-end yield performance across soil types
•    Rapid drydown
•    Excellent green snap resistance, drought tolerance
•    Handles higher populations

W2849 – 102-day RM (3KGT)
•    Excellent standability
•    Exceptional emergence, early vigor
•    Stalk strength allows for later harvest
•    Smart choice for corn-corn, no-till

W1831 – 97-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Early flowering for maturity provides risk reduction
•    Impressive drydown – great yield-to-moisture ratio
•    Smart choice for tough growing conditions, corn-corn
•    Excellent test weight