A6384 – 106-day RM
•    Very good emergence, early vigor
•    Excellent ear flex allows for high yield levels at varying plant populations
•    Outstanding late-season plant health, stalk integrity

A6389 – 106-day RM
•    Excellent adaptation North to South; high yields in many environments
•    Excellent drydown allows for early harvest
•    Outstanding emergence, early season vigor

A6476 – 111-day RM
•    Outstanding yield potential with strong agronomic package
•    Versatile hybrid adapted to all production systems
•    Excellent grain quality; heavy test weight

5716A4 – 111-day RM (Vip/LL)
•    Tremendous harvest appearance
•    Excellent Agrisure protection
•    Handles tough conditions

6077HR – 111-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Plot-topping yields
•    Excellent stalk strength
•    Widely adapted

6179VT3 – 112-day RM (YGVT3/RR)
•    Outstanding yield potential
•    Great in highly productive soils
•    Excellent agronomics

205-99STX – 105-day RM (SS/RR2/LL)
•    Top-end yield potential; new standard for maturity
•    Widely adapted East to West; moves South well for early grain
•    Early planting option on most soils and rotations; good for later planting
•    Fast drydown for early harvest south of zone

212-45STX – 112-day RM (SS/RR2/LL)
•    Excellent performance potential with solid agronomic package
•    Adapted from Delmarva to central Nebraska in 110-115-RM zones
•    Works well across most soil types, crop rotations
•    Good late-season standability; good choice for later harvest

211-99VT3P – 111-day RM (PRO/RR2)
•    Good stress tolerance; excellent performance potential in tough environments
•    Well adapted from late 105-115-RM zones from East Coast to central Nebraska
•    Good choice for corn-corn
•    Excellent agronomics for late harvest option

541SS 106-day RM (SS)
•    New female related to 5237 female; new male that is related to the male used in 3514
•    Large, girthy ear with some flex
•    Very good greensnap tolerance; above-average tolerance on diseases; poor tolerance to Goss’ wilt
•    High top-end yield with greatly improved roots

6076GT/CB/LL – 110-day RM (GT/CB/LL)
•    Combines the 691/5976 female with a new Northern/Eastern male
•    Very good emergence; fast early growth; high yield potential
•    Excellent top-end yield potential; fixed, consistent ear down the row
•    Very good plant health, fall intactness; tall hybrid for dual-purpose use as silage hybrid

6263AS3111 – 112-day RM (Vip)
•    Combines 6069 female 6463/6763 male
•    High yield with very good roots; average on disease tolerance, test weight
•    Exceptional top-end yield potential, tolerance to GLS; fungicide recommended with NCLB
•    Avoid light sands and heavy, poorly drained clays

Stealth-9405SSX – 105-day RM N/103-day RM C  (SS)
•    Consistent across environments
•    Strong, reliable agronomics
•    Best performance at high populations
•    Good North to South movement

Stealth-6310RR2 – 110-day RM N/108-day RM C (RR2)
•    Outstanding agronomic characteristics
•    Great refuge hybrid
•    Emergence scores top of scale
•    Widely adapted East to West

Stealth-9710SSX – 110-day RM N/108-day RM C (SS)
•    Terrific corn-corn, no-till choice
•    Responds to high populations, high fertility
•    Consistently at top of trials two years running
•    Very good agronomic package

DKC58-83 – 108-day RM (PRO)
•    Good drydown
•    Good drought tolerance
•    Very good greensnap tolerance
•    Very good stalks, roots

DKC56-33 – 106-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent stalks; very good roots
•    Very good test weight, grain quality
•    Excellent staygreen, harvest appearance
•    Very good disease, greensnap tolerance

DKC62-97 – 112-day RM (PRO)
•    Excellent staygreen, late-season harvest appearance
•    Excellent stalks; very good roots
•    Very good drought, greensnap tolerance

FS 61BX1 – 111-day RM (SS)
•    Outstanding yield potential for maturity; ability to move South
•    Best positioned in high-yield environments
•    Flex ear allows for lower populations on less productive soils
•    5% refuge requirement

FS 57SV3 – 107-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Extremely high top-end yield potential for maturity
•    Adapts to wide variety of soil types
•    Consistent top-end yield potential, late-season plant health
•    Also available as 57SV1 (VT2P)
FS 62JV3 – 112-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Outstanding yield performance in low- and high-yield environments
•    Consistent results over wide range of tillage, soil types
•    Above-average standability for both roots, stalks
•    Very good drydown; above-average grain quality, test weight

84Y14-3000GT – 111-day RM
•    Good seedling vigor; strong choice for early planting
•    Excellent yield-to-moisture ratio
•    Excellent late-season plant intactness

84G70-3111 – 112-day RM
•    Strong emergence, seedling vigor for early planting
•    Very good staygreen, late-season plant intactness
•    Best performance with normal to below-normal plant populations

H-8969 3111 – 111-day RM
•    Exceptional standability provides flexible harvest schedule
•    Good drought tolerance, ear flex support high yields
•    Yields well in GLS environments despite below-average disease-tolerance rating

H-9002GT – 112-day RM
•    Excels in highly productive soils
•    Strong choice for variable soil types
•    Genetic diversity for eastern refuge acres

5643 – 106-day RM (PRO)
•    Widely adapted
•    Girthy semi-flex ears with deep kernels
•    Very good standability
•    Very good plant health, staygreen

5850 – 108-day RM (Conventional)
•    Widely adapted
•    Excellent standability
•    Excellent staygreen, fall intactness
•    Showy plant with well-filled ears

6229 – 112-day RM (VT3)
•    Very good plant health
•    Very good stalks, roots
•    Very good drydown
•    Consistent, well-filled ears

K4-9607 – 107-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent roots, stalks, greensnap resistance
•    Very good yield potential
•    Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
•    If very early product, corn-corn may be responsive to fungicide application

K-4510 – 110-day RM (VT2P)
•    Very good yield potential.
•    Excellent standability, plant intactness
•    Good choice for corn-corn where rootworms not a concern
•    Best performance at higher plant populations

K-4207 – 107-day RM (VT2P)
Excellent roots, stalks
Very good yield potential across environments
Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
If very early product, corn-corn may be responsive to fungicide application.

2V715 – 111-day RM (HXX)
•    Moderate plant height with ears placed above center line
•    Flex-ear style adapts to wide range of plant densities
•    Medium-texture grain shells easily from cob
•    Widely adapted east to west across central Corn Belt

2E688 – 109-day RM; SmartStax
•    High yield from high-yield environments with above-average densities
•    Very good performance as early hybrid
•    Medium-high to high plant densities enhance performance
•    Average late-season plant health

2M588 – 105-day RM (SS)
•    High-yielding hybrid with strong stalks, roots
•    Produces moderately girthy ears with good seed quality
•    Widely adapted east to west across 103-108-day growing environments
•    Good tolerance to GLS and NCLB

N53C-3111 – 105-day RM
•    Outstanding root strength; strong stalks
•    Early flowering date creates strong performance north of zone
•    Great choice for corn-corn, moderate to highly productive soils

N72A-3111 – 112-day RM
•    Excellent choice for early planting, corn-corn
•    Strong roots, stalks provide season-long standability
•    Great late-season plant intactness, staygreen

P1184HR – 111-day RM (HX1,LL,RR2)
•    Offers high yield potential
•    Strong stalks
•    Superior roots

P1173HR – 111-day RM (HX1,LL,RR2)
•    Late-season stalk strength
•    Resistance to mid-season brittle stalk
•    Ear flex

P1162XR – 111-day RM (HXX,LL,RR2)
•    Impressive yield
•    Very good stalk strength, short plant, ear height
•    Very good choice for drought-prone environments

W 6472RR – 108-day RM (RR)
•    Excellent refuge hybrid for varying soil types
•    Good choice for no-till
•    Excellent ear flex
•    Position in southeast South Dakota and West

W 7473VT3 – 109-day RM (VT3)
•    Excels in high-yield environments
•    Healthy plant with very large, girthy ear
•    Great all around agronomics, root strength
•    Position in southeast South Dakota and West

W 7562VT3 – 111-day RM (VT3)
•    Overall solid disease package
•    Great hybrid for cold soils, no-till
•    Will adapt to varying environments
•    Superior stress tolerance

W4179 – 105-day RM (3KGT)
•    Reliable, high-yield performance; excellent harvest appearance
•    Very good resistance to NCLB, anthracnose
•    Highly rated for drought tolerance
•    Adaptable to wide range of populations

W5568 – 108-day RM (SS)
•    Standout with stable, high-end yields on girthy ears
•    Solid agronomics; exceptional standability
•    Excellent greensnap resistance
•    Very good GLS tolerance

W7071 – 111-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Impressive combination of yield, standability
•    Attractive plant with moderate ear height
•    Very good GLS, NCLB, anthracnose tolerance
•    Wide geographic adaptability