A6553 – 113-day RM
•    Outstanding yield potential under high management
•    Ideal combination of yield potential, agronomics
•    Excellent hybrid for irrigated acres

A6677 – 116-day RM
•    Outstanding yield potential in high-yield environments
•    Food-grade quality hybrid with excellent test weight
•    Great ear flex at moderate plant populations

A6839 – 119-day RM
•    Excellent stalk, root strength
•    Outstanding yield potential with strong agronomic package
•    Excellent test weigh, grain quality

6464HR – 113-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Excellent corn-corn product
•    Great stalk strength
•    Excellent GLS and NCLB resistance

6188Bt1 – 113-day RM (CB/LL)
•    Excellent in central, south
•    Good plant health
•    Excellent standability

6903HR – 115-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Tall plant with medium ear height
•    Excellent staygreen
•    Excellent product for south

214-14VT3P – 114-day RM;  (PRO/RR2)
•    Excellent yield potential, solid agronomics
•    Widely adapted east to west in 110-, 115-RM zones
•    Good choice for early planting, reduced tillage; excellent dryland, irrigated performance
•    Stunning plant appearance with good late-season plant health

213-89VT2P – 113-day RM (VT2P/RR2)
•    Strong agronomic package with solid performance across most yield environments
•    Adapted from southern Ohio through eastern Kansas
•    Adapted to most rotations; works well with variable soil types, moderate yield potential
•    Sensitivity to growth regulators, sulfonylurea herbicides

216-27VT2P – 116-day RM (VT2P/RR2)
•    Performance potential across wide range of yield levels
•    Adapted from southern Ohio through Kansas
•    Good choice for corn-corn, fields where stress conditions occur
•    Avoid situations that limit root development

6926VT3P – 114-day RM (PRO)
•    New female with Northern/tropical male in 4924, 6226, 6126
•    High yield potential; excellent stalks, roots, test weight
•    Short plant type, wide dark-green upright leaves; excellent fall intactness
•    Excellent disease package; below-average southern rust, anthracnose stalk rot

6901GT – 114-day RM (GT)
•    Excellent seedling vigor for early planting
•    Large, girthy, semi-flex ear; populations need to be medium-high to high range
•    Excellent roots; above-average stalks; very good disease tolerance; average GLS
•    Widely adaptable to most soils, except light, droughty sands; caution on nonirrigated sands

Stealth-9213Q – 113-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Terrific all around agronomics that last through fall
•    Capable of handling all types of growing seasons
•    Outstanding new “Q” racehorse style hybrid
•    Very girthy consistent ear size; 18-22 rows

Stealth-9313SSX – 113-day RM (SS)
•    Top-end genetics for terrific yield potential
•    Superior or early season vigor
•    Excellent drought tolerance
•    Widely adapted across various soil types

Stealth-9814SSX – 114-day RM (SS)
•    Top-end yields in research, strip plots
•    Great plant health
•    Good corn-corn; good GLS tolerance
•    Broadly adapted through IA, IL, IN, OH

DKC64-69 – 114-day RM (PRO)
•    Excellent test weight
•    Very good heat tolerance
•    Very good staygreen, overall plant health
•    Excellent stalks; very good roots

DKC63-87 – 113-day RM (VT2P)
•    Excellent top-end yield potential
•    Good overall disease tolerance
•    Impressive root strength

DKC64-04 114-day RM (VT2P)
•    Excellent GLS, anthracnose tolerance
•    Very good drought tolerance
•    Excellent stalks; very good roots
•    Very good test weight, ear health

FS 64JV3 – 114-day RM (YGVT3)
•    Impressive yield performance over wide range of environments
•    Consistent, high-yielding hybrid with large, girthy ears
•    Excellent staygreen, intactness
•    Also have 64JV1 (VT2P)

FS 63MV4 – 113-day RM (PRO)
•    Outstanding yield potential, consistency for maturity
•    Above-average standability for both stalks, roots
•    Solid late-season agronomic package; intact at harvest
•    Girthy consistent ears with above-average grain quality

FS 66S41 – 116-day RM (GT/CB/LL)
•    Impressive yield ability in both low and high yield environments
•    Adapts to a wide variety of soil types, Top choice for grain or silage
•    Above average stalk and root strength; Exceptional late-season agronomic package
•    Above average grain quality and test weight

83R38-3000GT – 113-day RM
•    Strong emergence, seedling vigor
•    Very good root, stalk strength
•    Strong performance across various soil types

83M47GT/CB/LL  – 115-day RM
•    Strong emergence, seedling vigor for early planting
•    Solid agronomic disease package with exceptional staygreen
•    Well adapted to variable soil types, including poorly drained soils

83L67-3111 – 113-day RM
•    Very good staygreen, late-season plant intactness
•    Semi-flex ear type with very good test weight grain
•    Utilize normal planting populations for best performance

H-9173 3111  – 113-day RM
•    Flex ear hybrid performs across multiple environments
•    Good corn-corn choice with excellent emergence, seedling growth
•    Good stalk strength, staygreen
•    Late-season plant integrity

H-9429 3000GT – 115-day RM
•    Consistent top-end yields with excellent late-season plant integrity
•    Great option for corn-corn
•    Top choice for saturated soil types

H-9574 3111 – 116-day RM
•    Well adapted to drought-prone soils
•    Yields well in high-disease environments; low GLS tolerance
•    Stable plant, ear height across stress environments

6455 – 114-day RM (VT2P)
•    Widely adapted across soil types
•    Full flex ear with deep kernels
•    Very good emergence
•    Very good resistance to stalk rots

6576 – 115-day RM (VT2P)
•    Excellent stress tolerance
•    Very good plant health, staygreen
•    Excellent standability
•    Excellent late-season intactness

K4-9513 – 113-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent roots, stalks
•    Very good yield potential at all yield levels
•    Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
•    Use caution when applying ALS, growth regulator herbicides

K-7614 – 114-day RM (PRO)
•    Excellent yield potential
•    Very good stalks, roots
•    Moves north, south very well
•    Push plant populations for max performance

K-4014 – 114-day RM (VT2P)
•    Very good yield potential
•    Excellent roots, disease package
•    Consistent performance across most soil types, cropping sequences
•    Use caution when applying ALS herbicides

2V738 – 113-day RM (SS)
•    Combines high yield, excellent yield stability
•    Widely adapted east to west; moves north, south well within area of adaptation
•    Prefers corn-soybean environments; provides consistent corn-corn yield
•    Optimizes yield potential at higher plant densities

2P768 – 114-day RM (SS)
•    Excellent roots, staygreen, GLS tolerance
•    Delivers consistent yield performance over wide range of cropping rotations
•    Optimizes yield potential at higher plant densities
•    Prefers corn-soybean environments; maintains good performance after corn

2D775 – 114-day RM (SS)
•    Performs best at medium-high to high plant densities
•    Responds to top management – fertility, fungicide, irrigation
•    Widely adapted east to west across central Corn Belt
•    Works well in ridge-till where residue management needed

N77P-3111 – 114-day RM
•    Very good stalk strength enhances late-season intactness
•    Yields well in high-disease environments; low GLS tolerance
•    Ear flex allows normal to below-normal planting populations

N78N-3111 – 118-day RM
•    Solid agronomic package with excellent harvestability
•    Best placed on highly productive soils
•    Use moderate planting rates for best performance

N78W-GT/CB/LL – 115-day RM
•    Very good late-season standability
•    Excellent GLS tolerance
•    Very well adapted to drought prone soils

P1395AM1 – 113-day RM (AM1/LL/RR2)
•    Remarkable yield potential
•    Strong agronomics
•    Above-average disease tolerance

P1625HR – 116-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Above-average heat, drought tolerance
•    Very good Goss' wilt resistance
•    Ideally suited to dryland, irrigated acres in western Corn Belt

P1615HR  – 116-day RM (HX1/LL/RR2)
•    Stalk strength, staygreen
•    Drought tolerance
•    GLS tolerance

W8437 – 115-day RM (PRO)
•    High-yielding hybrid with excellent standability
•    Consistent performance across environments, soil types
•    Early flowering for maturity spreads risk

W8430 – 114-day RM (RR2)
•    Solid performance characteristics of W8437
•    Excellent choice for refuge acres