Pythium spp. are becoming more and more prevalent as seedling pathogens of both corn and soybeans.  Numerous species have been identified that contribute to stand loss and many of these can cause seed rot of both corn and soybeans. Planting date is no longer an option to avoid these pathogens as for each planting temperature, there is a Pythium spp. that is a seed pathogen.  The seed treatments for Pythium are longer and include:  Captan, mefenoxam, metalaxyl, azoxystrobin, pyraclostrobin and trifloxystrobin; all provide control for Pythium, but not for all species.  Based on our surveys there are isolates of several Pythium spp. that are resistant to mefenoxam/metalaxyl, strobilurins or mefenoxam/metalaxyl and strobilurin.  Fields with a long history of replant issues may see the most benefit from using treatments that have both metalaxyl or mefenoxam combined with a strobilurin in the mix.