I value my seed representatives keeping me informed on the latest stuff coming down the pike. Farmers can only do so much research on their own, and we’re probably not privy to some of the information they get.

You have to take what they are telling you seriously. If they tell me that ‘We tested the heck out of this thing and it is definitely something to take a look at,’ then I’ll plant 50 to 100 acres to make sure it works on my farm. I deal with three to four companies a year. I may plant up to 60% of my corn to one company and another 25% to another, but I want to find the hybrid that will make me the most money. I’m not blind to other companies’ products.

I appreciate sitting down in the late fall with the seed reps and discussing what to plant next year. I count on them to let me know if a very good hybrid doesn’t perform well on, say, sandy soil.

This year we planted a fair amount of non-GMO corn where we’d had beans last year. This is the second year where I’ve used our planter set up to deliver insecticide. I’m using some good conventional hybrids, also. We have Roundup-resistant weeds, and I’m going to rotate herbicides.