Soybean growers should check soybeans for sudden death syndrome (SDS) and brown stem rot when scouting fields over the next few weeks in order to identify the fungal diseases and prevent future yield loss due to disease. Soybean fields across Indiana have started to show symptoms of SDS, and brown stem rot is another disease sometimes confused with SDS. Yield loss from soybean diseases can be minor or major, depending on how widespread they become – which is why identification is key.


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"There is no in-season management for these diseases, but it's important to identify fields that have the diseases to prevent yield loss in future years," says Kiersten Wise,Purdue Extension plant pathologist. "It can help to know which fields have the diseases so producers can select disease-resistant varieties for the next time the fields are planted to soybean."

Read more about SDS and brown stem rot showing up in soybean fields and hear what Wise has to say.


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