On June 11, 2013, soybean aphids were found on soybeans at the Rosemount Research and Outreach Center near Rosemount, Minn. Not many soybeans were out of the ground there, but in the two fields sampled, entomologists at the University of Minnesota found aphids. They sampled one commercial soybean field at the VC growth stage (unifoliate leaves unfolded) and found 7.5% of plants infested with 1-9 aphids on each infested plant. The other field sampled was a small plot trial, also at the VC growth stage, and had 10% of plants infested with 2-3 aphids on each plant.

This find is in line with what is being seen in neighboring states. Last week, soybean aphids were found on soybean in Wisconsin and northeastern Iowa. It is far too early to be worrying about aphid control; however, you may want to begin checking your fields for aphids, especially when we get into late June.

– Robert Koch, U of M Extension entomologist


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