conditions that favor more soybeans


Among 600 farms in south-central Minnesota, corn earned $59 to $147 per acre more than soybeans from 2010 to 2012, says Mark Wehe, Minnesota Farm Business Management educator in Faribault. Corn-on-corn acreage jumped, especially on highly productive fields, where the advantage for corn was even greater.

A soybean-to-corn price ratio of 2.3 or greater favors more soybeans in the rotation; that appears to be the trend in 2013 and 2014. University of Illinois 2014 crop budgets suggest a profit advantage for a corn-soybean rotation over both corn-corn-soybean and continuous corn. An average corn-to-soybean yield ratio of 3.3 or greater favors more corn in the rotation, while a lower yield ratio favors a traditional corn-soybean rotation.