Corn has started silking in every state. Sixteen percent of the overall crop has silks, well behind a five-year average of 35%. Last year at this time 67% of the corn crop was silking.

Corn crops in good/excellent condition lost a couple of points overall in the past week. As of yesterday the overall crop was in 66% good/excellent condition and 9% very poor/poor condition. Last year at this time just under one-third of the crop was in good/excellent condition, and one-third was in very poor/poor condition. Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee have the best corn conditions at 85%, 80% and 83% good/excellent condition, respectively. The toughest corn is in Colorado where nearly one-quarter of the crop is in very poor/poor condition.

Just over one-quarter of the soybeans planted have bloomed. Twenty-six percent of the overall crop has hit the blooming stage, 14 points behind the five-year average of 40%, and far behind last year's 63% blooming rate.


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Soybean condition dropped 2 points over the past week to 65% good/excellent. It gained one point in the very poor/poor category for a total of 8% of the overall soybean crop in very poor/poor condition. The best beans are in Kentucky (84% good/excellent) and Tennessee (80% good/excellent). Arkansas' soybean crop is in the toughest shape with 17% of its soybean crop in very poor/poor condition. 


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