Now that all of the corn and the majority of the soybean crops have emerged, corn silking and soybean blooming have started. Silking is slightly behind average, and blooming is slightly ahead of average. Crop conditions for both corn and soybeans have held fairly steady in the good/excellent categories over the past week.

The corn has started silking in all major corn-producing states except for Wisconsin. Fifteen percent of the overall crop has started producing silks, just 3 points behind the five-year average. Last year, only 6% of the crop had reached silking at this point.

Crop conditions for corn are holding steady from last week, with 75% of the overall corn crop in good/excellent condition. This is 7 points ahead of crop conditions last year at this time. A few of states have at least 80% of their corn crops in good/excellent condition, including: Illinois (80%), Kentucky (82%), Michigan (82%), Missouri (81%), North Dakota (80%), Pennsylvania (81%) and South Dakota (80%). The state with the most corn in very poor/poor condition is North Carolina at 14%.

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