Corn and soybean emergence rates are both ahead of average, and closing in  on the finish line. Crop conditions are holding steady on the positive end, and slightly increasing in the excellent category for both crops.

Corn emergence is 97% complete, overall; 1 point ahead of the five-year average. Several states have seen all of the corn crop pop out of the ground, including Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas. A few states are between 80 and 90% emerged: North Dakota (88%), Pennsylvania (81%) and Wisconsin (88%), all of which are slightly under the average emergence rate.

Corn condition continues to hold steady, and even improved in the excellent rating, reaching a total of 76% of the corn crop in good/excellent condition (17% in excellent). Pennsylvania has the best-rated corn crop at 85% good/excellent, and just 1% poor. States with more than 60% of the corn in good condition include: Iowa (63%), Michigan (66%), Minnesota (62%), North Dakota (71%), Ohio (62%), Pennsylvania (63%), South Dakota (75%) and Wisconsin (65%).

corn condition, usda crop progress, June 16, 2014