To proactively manage waterhemp in Roundup Ready or LibertyLink soybean, apply Authority Assist, Authority First, Authority MTZ, Boundary, Gangster, Pursuit Plus, Prefix, Sencor (metribuzin), Sharpen plus Outlook (dimethenamid), Sonic, Spartan, Valor, or Verdict plus Outlook pre-emergence or Valor or Sharpen plus Prowl (pendimethalin) or Treflan (trifluralin) preplant incorporated. Most premix products or mixtures of single products should provide more effective control than single-active ingredient products. Apply glyphosate to Roundup Ready soybean and Ignite 280 to LibertyLink soybean at maximum single-application rates of 1-3-in. waterhemp. Warrant or Dual Magnum (S-metolachlor) can be mixed with glyphosate or Ignite 280 to provide additional residual control. To reactively manage glyphosate-resistant waterhemp in LibertyLink soybean follow proactive management recommendations. To reactively manage glyphosate-resistant waterhemp in Roundup Ready soybean apply one or more of the soil-applied products above and follow with Flexstar GT 3.5 or Cobra or Flexstar plus glyphosate when waterhemp is 1-3 in. tall. Please see the label for fomesafen (Flexstar, Prefix) rate restrictions for your geographic area.