While the heat has continued to help crop maturity progress, along with lack of rain, it continues to have a negative effect on corn and soybean conditions.

The overall corn crop gained a lot of ground in denting in the last week, going from 42% dented last week to 64% dented this week. The crop is still 11 points behind the five-year average. Wisconsin is the only state with less than half of its overall corn crop at dent stage. The North Carolina corn crop is actually ahead of the five-year average by 1 point and is 100% dented.



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The overall corn crop is 9% mature, well behind the 28% five-year average. All states are seeing some mature corn this week. States with more than 10% of the corn crop at maturity include Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. Last year at this time, 55% of the overall corn crop had reached maturity.

The overall corn condition worsened a bit in the past week, dropping 2 points in the good/excellent rating for an overall rating of 54% good/excellent. Seventeen percent of the overall crop is in very poor/poor condition. Last year at this time, 52% of the overall crop was in very poor/poor condition. The best corn remains in Pennsylvania where 86% of the corn is in good/excellent condition. Corn in the worst condition is in Colorado, where one-third of the crop is in very poor/poor condition. It should be noted that Tennessee has no corn in very poor condition.