Soybean planting is off to a slower start across the region, including Ohio, compared to the 10-year average (National Agricultural Statistics Service). During the week of April 29-May 5, generally 23% of Ohio soybean acres are planted. However, this year only 1% of the soybean acres were planted due to cool/wet soil conditions. With the slow start, it’s important to consider planting date, seeding rate and relative maturity when planting soybeans this spring.


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How does plant date influence yield?

Planting date can greatly influence soybean yield, but only if conditions are suitable for planting. The yield advantage due to early planting may not be realized if soybeans are planted into cool/wet soil. In southern Ohio, soybeans should be planted when soil conditions are adequate any time after April 15. In northern Ohio, planting should begin the last few days of April. From the Ohio Agronomy Guide, the effect of planting date on soybean yield is shown in Figure 5-4. Planting after May 10 resulted in a decrease in soybean yield.