Tillage http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/taxonomy/term/6121/more en 5 Agriculture stories to read, March 13, 2015 http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/issues/5-agriculture-stories-read-march-13-2015 <div class="node-body gallery-body"><p>The 5 ag stories to read this week brings you the latest on proposed regulations for drones. Learn about the value of lost organic matter due to erosion, and meet farmers who are using websites to get more business. Read about canceling land rent contracts, and a positive article from The New York Times featuring a no-till farmer.</p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/issues/5-agriculture-stories-read-march-13-2015" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/issues/5-agriculture-stories-read-march-13-2015#comments Conservation Corn Issues Soybeans Tillage Management Organic Matter Sat, 14 Mar 2015 01:16:00 +0000 96411 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com Do retired farmers sway tillage decisions? http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/blog/do-retired-farmers-sway-tillage-decisions <div class="node-body blog-body"><p>Is it too unreasonable to consider even just one field of strip-till or no-till, if you save roughly $15 per acre, and each 1% of soil organic matter helps soil hold 20,000 gallons more water per acre? Tell me what influences your decisions; I’d like to hear from you. </p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"><ul class="links"><li class="og_links first last"><a href="/blog/bottom-line">Bottom Line</a></li> </ul></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/blog/do-retired-farmers-sway-tillage-decisions" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/blog/do-retired-farmers-sway-tillage-decisions#comments Tillage Tillage Bottom Line Fri, 13 Mar 2015 21:04:00 +0000 96391 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com Where have all the soil scientists gone? http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/where-have-all-soil-scientists-gone <div class="node-body article-body"><p>I have been an educator of soils at the University of Minnesota Extension for 18 years. I have watched soil scientist retire, leave to other positions or pass away. Due to tight budgets or changes in priorities, many are not replaced. So please help me cultivate the next generation of soil scientists. There are websites with creative and scientific resources for teaching soils. Give it a try. Remember: Soil is not a dirty word!</p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/where-have-all-soil-scientists-gone" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/where-have-all-soil-scientists-gone#comments Tillage Soil Wed, 11 Mar 2015 20:05:00 +0000 96351 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com Conservation: Do your part http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/blog/conservation-do-your-part <div class="node-body blog-body"><p>Where are you in your journey to build a conservation legacy? What is keeping you from making progress? Will it require a change in mindset? Will it require landlord buy-in, since it provides long-term benefits for their investment? I truly believe improved soil health will be a game-changer. Go for it.</p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"><ul class="links"><li class="og_links first last"><a href="/blog/think-different">Think Different</a></li> </ul></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/blog/conservation-do-your-part" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/blog/conservation-do-your-part#comments Conservation Fertilizer Sustainable Agriculture Tillage Conservation Think Different Fri, 06 Mar 2015 19:40:00 +0000 96231 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com Rethink tolerable soil loss on your corn, soybean fields http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/rethink-tolerable-soil-loss-your-corn-soybean-fields <div class="field-deck"> Erosion may be hurting productivity more than you think. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>If you think your soil loss is tolerable because the revised universal soil loss equation (RUSLE) says so, you might want to think again. “We are learning that we must have perennial cover in places where water moves, even with no-till,” says Rick Cruse, agronomy professor, Iowa State University (ISU). </p> </div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/rethink-tolerable-soil-loss-your-corn-soybean-fields" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/rethink-tolerable-soil-loss-your-corn-soybean-fields#comments Conservation Corn Soybeans Tillage cover crops Erosion Tillage Fri, 06 Mar 2015 18:34:00 +0000 96221 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com <p>A well-established waterway in this field does nothing to stem ephemeral gullies. Not counted in traditional soil loss equations, such rain-produced erosion can multiply field soil loss by an additional 30% of expected losses.</p> Photo: Iowa State University 5 Agriculture stories to read, Feb. 27, 2015 http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/soybeans/5-agriculture-stories-read-feb-27-2015 <div class="node-body gallery-body"><p>In the 5 ag stories to read this week, get some considerations for seed treatments when trying to cut costs this spring. If you plant cover crops, be aware of residual herbicides, and there's still time to sign up for the Conservation Stewardship Program. Read 5 tillage myths, and watch a video thanking farmers, that also helps FFA.</p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/soybeans/5-agriculture-stories-read-feb-27-2015" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/soybeans/5-agriculture-stories-read-feb-27-2015#comments Conservation Crop Chemicals Seed Soybeans Tillage Conservation cover crops Herbicides Seed Treatments Tillage Sat, 28 Feb 2015 00:02:00 +0000 96111 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com Wind erosion from uncovered fields can be costly http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/wind-erosion-uncovered-fields-can-be-costly <div class="node-body gallery-body"><p>That’s money in the ditch. If it were $82 in cash, would you pull over and grab it? That’s what western Minnesota “snirt” (snow and dirt) contains in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. </p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/wind-erosion-uncovered-fields-can-be-costly" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/wind-erosion-uncovered-fields-can-be-costly#comments Conservation Corn Soybeans Tillage Erosion Tue, 24 Feb 2015 18:26:00 +0000 96031 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com 5 tillage myths http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/5-tillage-myths <div class="field-deck"> We challenge your thinking on no-till, strip-till, vertical, chisel and neighbors </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>Are your tillage practices justified by real crop responses? “Individual farmer decisions about tillage system choice are often more motivated by traditions, prior experiences and what the neighbors are doing than by reliable research,” says Tony Vyn, Purdue University Extension agronomist and cropping systems specialist.</p> </div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/5-tillage-myths" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/tillage/5-tillage-myths#comments Corn Tillage Tillage Tillage Tue, 17 Feb 2015 20:03:00 +0000 95941 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com Photo: Susan Winsor 5 Agriculture stories to read, Feb. 13, 2015 http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/soybeans/5-agriculture-stories-read-feb-13-2015 <div class="node-body gallery-body"><p>In the 5 ag stories to read this week, get tips for preventing and managing soybean diseases this year. Watch videos from University of Illinois about profitability in agriculture and keep an eye out for a USDA survey. Read how one farmer's success with strip-till has led to more agronomic benefits, and check out a Facebook page dedicated to the love of farming.</p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/soybeans/5-agriculture-stories-read-feb-13-2015" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/soybeans/5-agriculture-stories-read-feb-13-2015#comments Issues Soybeans Tillage soybean production Sat, 14 Feb 2015 04:00:00 +0000 95901 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com A strip-till journey http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/sustainable-agriculture/strip-till-journey <div class="field-deck"> Farmer overcomes variable soils and bad weather to achieve strip-till success. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><p>Strip-till has improved soil structure on Sheldon Stevermer's farm to the point where it can manage extreme rains and heavy corn residue. “Three years ago, I realized I didn’t need to freshen the strips in the spring; crusting was no longer a problem,” says the Wells, Minn., farmer. </p></div> <div class="og_rss_groups"></div><p><a href="http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/sustainable-agriculture/strip-till-journey" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://cornandsoybeandigest.com/sustainable-agriculture/strip-till-journey#comments Fertilizer Sustainable Agriculture Tillage Nitrogen Strip Till Tue, 03 Feb 2015 18:27:00 +0000 95711 at http://cornandsoybeandigest.com <p><span style="font-size: 13px;">Sheldon Stevermer is less concerned with &ldquo;a perfect, black, residue-free strip&rdquo; and more concerned with making a berm above the residue that he can plant into next spring.</span></p> Photo: Susan Winsor