Syl Marking

Why So Few SCN Varieties?
Each year, the seed industry trumpets its new soybean varieties. Recently, the biggest and loudest blast has come from,
Save Your Soil
The white-heat effort of the Conservation Compliance Program to save the nation's soil has gone backward or at best
Check For Chewers
If you didn't pay attention in 1998 and 2000, insects very likely ripped you off big time. That's tough when profit
Residue And Resi-Don't
High-residue farming starts at harvest not at planting time. If you doubt that, take a country drive after harvest.
Next Up: Bt Soybeans?
Imagine controlling many of the most damaging soybean insect pests without spraying an insecticide. It would be done
When federal water-quality rulings become reality, some Illinois farmers intend to be ahead of the curve. How? By
Masochistic Soybeans
There's a new reason to plant soybeans early. Newer varieties yield better than older ones when planted early because
The dust has settled a little from the shock wave that hit some Northern soybean fields last summer. That shock wave
Scout for soybean aphids this growing season The dust has settled a little from the shock wave that hit some Northern
Green Stems, Harvest Blues
Soybean virus complex is the main culprit Unless you have high frustration tolerance, your religion may have suffered
Jack-In-The-Box Beans
Low-input system delivers thick soybean stands in tough soils Tired of trying to get a good soybean stand on
Improved And Ignored
Demand for specialty soybeans has been low Optimistic expectations for specialty soybeans have not become reality -
Buying Back Profit
Growers sell soybeans and buy back extruded-expelled meal A new wrinkle with extruded soybeans is translating into new
Narrow-Row Corn Shines In South
Top yields come with no-till, deep tillage Clemson University scientists combined three practices to get some
White Mold Battle Gets Web Site Help
Many growers still not paying attention White mold did not wreak the havoc in 2000 that it did in, say, 1997. Weather

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