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You've read the Extreme Beans insert that was in the August 2012 print issue, which showcased a three-year, six-state soy checkoff-funded program that put a kitchen sink of inputs to the profit test, as well as cost effectiveness of various seeding rates. Hopefully you've downloaded the app, too. Now you can read all the information online! The new website, www.usb-extremebeans.com, is up and running and includes all the informative stories from the print piece, as well as the valuable calculators from the app. 

“In today’s farm climate, maximizing returns is all about optimizing inputs,” says Seth Naeve, lead investigator for the project and University of Minnesota Extension soybean agronomist.  “Farmers are bombarded with industry information regarding products and rates, but they need better, quicker, and more efficient access to results of independent/ third party research. The Extreme Bean’s website is a step in the right direction.”

The site also includes the video extras that are in the app, where the researchers talk about the projects they worked on, interesting results and the importance of research and education. There are also videos about the calculators.

Like in the app, the calculators provide great utility for farmers. One calculates optimal seeding rate. You choose region, cost per 140,000 seeds and the price you pay per bushel sold. The calculator offers the seeding rate for max return, 99% return and 95% return.

The other calculator offers input breakeven costs. In this calculator, you input the average price of your soybean sales per bushel, then estimate costs of seed, nutrients, seed treatments, inoculant, fungicide, fertilizer, insecticide and other products. The results calculate the bushels required to pay for the extra inputs used.

So open your favorite web browser and go to www.usb-extremebeans.com to read, learn, calculate and watch the research and information to help you get the most out of your inputs and agronomic choices.

If you haven't downloaded the app, access them here:





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