• Jul 25, 2016

    The achilles heel of larger operations

    Large operations are being targeted by lenders because they are the most vulnerable because they can quickly lose six figures of net worth and profits....More
  • Jul 18, 2016

    Knowing what's on your credit report may be key for your soybean and corn operations

    As agricultural credit tightens, corn and soybean producers with a keen financial IQ will remain successful....More
  • Jul 11, 2016

    Keep a level head when assessing farm financials

    In the emotionally charged era of the economic downturn, interesting exchanges occur between lender and borrower. At a recent agricultural bankers’ conference, one lender asked, “What do you say to a farmer that tells you, ‘It’s my net worth and if I want to lose $200,000 in equity it is mine, not yours.’” Well, in some cases, producers with high net worth may feel able to take the economic hit. However, there may be more to a comment like this that necessitates further examination. ...More
  • Mar 22, 2016

    It's time to stress-test your farm business financials

    With commodity prices falling and more negative margins, lenders are now asked to “stress test” your financial conditions as well as their agricultural portfolio. Let’s examine what is involved in “stress testing” and what may be yet to come....More
  • Nov 10, 2015

    How is the financial status of your farm business? 1

    In agriculture, negative margins and declining asset values place many producers in this same financial mindset. What are some of the key items you need to review in your historical financial information? Approaching your examination from your lender’s perspective will help you be prepared....More
  • Nov 3, 2015

    Financial ratios for ag operations

    Producers who manage for profit and sustainability should use ratios to measure performance. Then, identify the source of any problems and proactively develop strategies for solutions....More
  • Oct 13, 2015

    The great commodity super cycle impact on family living cost

    While navigating your business through a commodity price reset, it is important to ask where your finances stand. Do you have separate personal living and business expense budgets?...More
  • Oct 6, 2015

    Ag lender dilemma: Increased oversight, regulation

    Increased oversight and regulation limit your lender’s flexibility. Be aware of this situation and be prepared! Make sure your financial records are up to date and accurate. Maintain adequate working capital....More
  • Sep 8, 2015

    Complete, accurate farm financials necessary for ag lenders

    In the past, the lender may have completed the financial records for the borrower in reaction to stiff competition or perhaps, did a simple credit score check before allocating credit. These methods, however, are now history. Lack of complete and accurate financial records is indeed a serious issue; both for the lender and the producer....More

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