This is the first update with no rain to be reported. It’s been hot and humid; we’re lucky to have had little wind to dry things out faster. We have accumulated 1,700 GDUs as of today and are just short of our 30-year average. 

Corn moisture blocks told me to irrigate for the first time. Not many irrigated fields in our area and most started early this week; I started last night. This is our third year using moisture sensors and ET gauges to keep us efficient and irrigate only when needed.

Corn has pollinated and is doing well, however it won't take the 98-100° temperatures and no rain much longer to cause damage. I have noticed some green snap right above the ear placement. This mainly is confined to a specific variety and is minor in overall stand counts.

Soybeans are blooming and still look great in our area. Our only irrigated field is split corn-beans. After watering corn we will water the beans if rains continue to hold off. Grass hay is being put up fast in this weather – most fields have a two-day turn. Hay crop will be good in the area and only concerns will be heat stress right after its cut. 

Local cash new-crop corn closed Thursday at $6.23 and beans at $13.03.

We’re waiting for rain like many. Have a nice week!