Kyle Mehmen, Plainfield, Iowa

We’ve been a corn-on-corn family for quite some time, usually with a 90/10 rotation.  For the past couple of years, it’s been a no brainer (to grow corn). I don’t have any hard or fast rules. In general, whenever there is less than a $50 acre net difference between corn and soybeans, I start looking at the intangibles.

How much better corn do I grow with corn behind soybeans? How does my workload look? And if I get more acres, do I have to add more equipment and people because of corn on corn? All those things come to mind.

I usually compare 180 acres per bushel and 50 bushels per acre soybeans, which are typical in my area.



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When one is red and one is black, it’s a pretty easy decision to say, ‘I’m going black.’ When you’re in the black on both, it’s easier to say that the intangibles are worth something to me. The tie for me always goes to corn.

I am more comfortable with corn and I have more consistency there. I feel like I have a little bit more control over that. With soybeans I feel like I roll the dice every year.