Long past are the days of tossing in a little crop oil or surfactant in a spray mix. Selecting the right adjuvant is increasingly important today. However, complex herbicide mixes to fight resistant weeds make proper adjuvant selection a critical part of a successful crop protection program.

"We have more classes of chemistries with ever greater concern for deposition and reduced off-target drift," says Eric Spandl, technical marketing manager, WinField. "As we go forward with new dicamba and 2,4D technologies and tank mixes with glyphosate and other products, it will get more complex. The days of simplicity are over."

West Central, Inc., has developed adjuvants for the past 14 years. Product development manager Brian Kuehl points to past trends in adjuvants and how resistant weeds are changing the priorities. Some adjuvants were oil loving to match one chemistry, while others were water loving to match another chemistry. Still others were hybrids to accommodate very different chemistries and needs in a tank mix.