But the military is using more than just biodiesel. Tyndall Air Force base in Florida is also successfully using RePLAY, a soy-based asphalt sealer and preservation agent from BioSpan Technologies, Inc., on their runway surfaces.

RePLAY, which is 88% biobased, is touted as a proactive and cost-effective way of maintaining pavement. According to BioSpan, RePLAY can achieve a “perpetual road” if applied in the first two years of the pavement’s life and reapplied every three to five years.

The soy-based product penetrates up to 1.5 in. into the pavement, introducing 15% new polymers that repel moisture and strengthen and restore existing pavement, all without a significant impact on skid resistance. Applying the sealer is about one-tenth the cost of reconstructive overlays.

Replay has benefits for the environment, too. A Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability analysis confirmed that RePLAY reduces hazardous CO2 gases in the environment.

With petroleum costs rising, BioSpan anticipates seeing pavement preservation with soy-based products like RePLAY expanding from runways to use on pedestrian walkways and parking lots in the future.

Of the efforts to adopt environmentally conscious, renewable products, Marty Ross, vice-chair of United Soybean Board’s new uses committee says, “It’s very encouraging to see the federal government using soy-based products. Biobased products can play a big part in improving our nation’s sustainability. And the federal government’s use of biobased products can help show how well these products work, their competiveness and how easy it is to make our world a better place to live.”